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Sue from Littlestown, PA

I am an avid hiker/walker . Having a lightweight, comfortable, supportive shoe is like heaven on earth! I had no idea a shoe could be such a blessing! wow! Where have I been! This shoe was perfect for my visit to Honduras as the temperature there is very hot but open toe sandals are not recommended due to issue of sanitation etc. in some of the poor areas. This shoe was the perfect answer. I ordered-returned , ordered-returned 2 different shoes until I got my right size...The run a tad bit big. This company did all this turn around with the returned shoes within one week!! I was nervous that I would have to go to Honduras without them as the time was close. I got them 3 days before departure and literally LIVED in them! Now back in the US they are a delight for my daily walks! Most of the team that went with me to Honduras now has there shoes. Keens are the best! Online shoes is the way to go.

Teresa the greyhound nut from Philadelphia, PA

I wear these shoes for just about everything--work, walking the dogs, shopping, etc. I have to say they are great! I don't find them as comfortable as the other Keens I have that have cotton web. The nylon remains a bit stiff despite lots of wear. I have worn them on hiking trails, but find rocks and other hard objects can get under my foot as the shoes are sandals. Therefore I don't wear them for hiking very often. I bought these for an upcoming sightseeing trip to Greece and I'm sure they will be very comfortable for city walking and light hiking and even beach wear.

Mary Anne from Phoenix, AZ

I knew a lot about these sandals before I bought them and knew I wanted them. They fully meet all the expectations I had. I like that you can wear them for just about anything: everyday wear, light hiking, rafting, etc. I've gotten them soaking wet in creeks/rivers and they dry quickly. I've used them on light hiking trips and they have great traction over rocks and bumpy terrain. Love the fact that they have a tough enclosed toe so your feet stay safe around rocks and sticks, etc. They're also so comfortable that I wear for everyday outings around town. They run a bit on the small side, so order a half-size or size larger than you normally wear.

MArsha from Phoenix, AZ

These shoes are great! I have trouble finding shoes that are comfortable for me to wear daily since I have heel pain if I wear the wrong type of shoes. These shoes have been fantastic. I am considering buying ones in another color as well. They are fun to wear and I have had a lot of people comment on them.

Just me in the midwest from La Crosse WI

Not as comfortable as I thought they would be. Tried a pair on at a local retailer before purchasing on line and thought they were the "cat's meow". finding they aren't as comfortable after wearing for a period of time. MIGHT buy another style of the same brand just not quite sure yet about this particular style.

Zoraks from seattle, wa

I've been wearing keen Newport H2's for years now, nothing else compares to the fit and comfort. I wear mine all year, I don't care if it is snowing outside! These are my shoes! I do have others for hiking and such, but as soon as I'm done with that activity, on goes my keens. If they ever stopped making the Newport H2 I really don't know what I would do for footwear...I would have to stock up and hope I never run out I guess.


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