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Missionary man from Homestead, FL

I am a missionary and live on a 5 acre grove. I am also very flat footed and almost every shoe hurts my feet. But these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased. It's one of the few shoes that I can wear all day long and my feet aren't killing me by the end of the day. They were great in the Andes mountains on my last trip to Peru. I look forward to trying them out on the coast of Colombia on my next trip.

Sharon from Ohio

They are just great! My family and I frequent our local amusement park and wear them all of the time! they are great for hiking and river walking.....I wear them constantly their only downfall is they aren't the most attractive shoes. I would recommend them to anyone!

BJ from Rochester, NY

Great sandal, real comfy, and stylish. There is no slipping when walking, either, which is great. I have hiked a few miles in these with my 2 year old daughter on my back, and they performed great. I've also gone to the beach in these. Sand is not easy to get out of these while walking (like a flip-flop), so maybe not the best beach sandal, though these would be great on rocky shorelines, or kayaking, etc. Also, these took a while longer than expected to dry, but that is not a huge deal. I even wear these to mow the lawn, or go out around town. They are as comfortable as a good running/walking shoe, easily cleaned, and are as durable and rugged as a light hiking shoe. Not bad qualities for a sandal. :)

Mario the traveler from Oradell, NJ

This is the best sandal I've owned so far. I bought these Keen's because a friend of mine raved how comfortable they are and he wore them all spring, summer and fall last year. I wore them on a family trip to Washington DC last week, where we did a lot of walking. I was concerned about the "break-in" process, but these shoes need very little break-in time, since they are very comfortable right out of the box. Well, no blisters, no sweaty feet from wearing sneakers and socks and my feet felt good after a full day of walking around the city. Highly recommend the Keen Newport H2!

Newport H2 Lover from Parts unknown

These sandals are awesome, I love them. it is getting cold here and still wear them. i can't say enough good things about my keens. I wear them for weeks, until they start to get stinky (and it takes weeks) then I wash them and dry takes a few hours for them to dry, at which time i don't do much at all, because I don't do anything without my keens!!!!!!!!

Ran1013 from Northern VA

Great foot fit. Really like the comfortable toe shield which I thought may be a problem, never having worn sandals with the toe guard. Very comfortable once on. Does take some effort to put on since the opening for the foot is pretty snug. I agree with others, I probably should have ordered a half size larger than I usually wear. I do like the look. Very comfortable. Seems like a well built sandal. I am comfortable wearing them for weekends and other kicking around, not just at the beach. In fact, with the toe guard, these will catch a bit more sand than I prefer.

Jeff, "Slick's Owner" from South Padre Island, Texas

I am very happy with the Newport H2. I use them to jump into when walking the dog on the beach. They are very comfortable and tough and durable at the same time. I am very pleased. The size is perfect also. Our dog enjoys walking with me in them too!

S&P from California

I bought these for my husband after he saw me wearing mine-He loves how they feel on his feet and wears them constantly! We just recently went to a HUGE car show and walked for hours-he never complained about his feet and remarked on how his feet felt afterwards. The arch support in these is sturdy and supportive, the straps are comfortable and easily adjusted, the toe box is wide and the toe "barrier" helps guard against those pesky objects that seem to jump out at your feet unexpectedly. They will definitely come in handy when we take these travelling/hiking/kayaking in Hawaii next month.


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