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Black Olive Deep Lichen


Black Stone Grey


Brindle Orion Blue


Burnt Henna Stripe


Dark Shadow Bombay Brown


Dark Shadow Peacoat


Dark Shadow Stripe


Forest Night Gargoyle


Newport H2 Gargoyle Sap Green


India Ink Rust Sandals


Living Coral Neutral Grey


Navy Dream


Navy Medium Grey


Keen Newport H2 Slate Black Canton


Keen Newport H2 Living Coral Neutral Grey Sandals





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bill12s from Upstate New York

The shoes are great in almost every aspect so far. The only complaint I would have, and I did read this in other reviews, is that they are not as cool as you might expect. When new they feel just like wearing a regular pair of sneakers without socks. As a few weeks have gone by I find myself wearing these every opportunity I get. I am very pleased.

Bobw from Mobile, AL

I wanted a sandal that protected my toes when wading or walking. I heard of the Keen sandal. Local stores wanted $105.00 including tax, so I looked online. Found Online Shoes. Their price [$].I like the product and Online's service. I will look at Online later this summer when I buy new hunting boots.

Rckymtn Hiker Camper from Denver,Colorado

The best footwear I have ever owned. I have 5 pairs of Keen H2's. Simply my favorite shoes, I wear them nearly everyday! I have a few other pair of Keen footwear and they are fantastic as well. Comfy, solid and sturdy =) I will always wear Keen's; Highly recommend!

Wally - Walker from North of Seattle

I have a hard time getting the right size. Listed as a medium width, size 7 (I normally wear a 6 3E), I find this shoe a perfect fit. For some time I wondered why so many Keen shoes were on the feet of so many in the Seattle area. They are kind of clunkly looking. I finally joined the crowd on this shoe... and I am very glad I did. I resisted until my old sandles fell apart on my hot summer feet.[...] Keen and Online shoes are wonderful. Yes, I confess, I am now an excited convert to Keen. Next up: time to get my winter walking shoes - got to be Keen and Online shoes. Oh yeah, grreat airport shoe!

Dave from Buffalo, NY

I bought the Newport H2 to replace my old Newports as my primary boating shoes. My last pair has leather (slow drying) uppers, and after two summers of near continuous wear the tread finally wore down enough to warrant replacement. As for the new pair, the grip on the sailboat deck is great, the toe protection is a key feature to avoid injury, and the adjustable straps yield a perfect snug fit. The nylon straps dry reasonably fast. And my end-of-summer feet tan lines are quite distinctive!

George the grower from West Va.

I ordered 1/2 size up from my regular size. This worked well for me- I got a perfect fit. I do not wear these shoes with socks- but I could. These are my first pair of Keens- I bought them on a friend's recommendation. I have been wearing Teva and Croc shoes- which I have been fairly happy with. But the Keens are really a notch above Teva and Croc... probably a few notches above actually. These shoes provide stability- greatly lacking in Crocs. And I like the way my toes are covered- Tevas don't provide toe coverage (at least mine didn't). I would recommend these shoes for children to grandmas!

Dan, Born for Retirement from Murrieta, CA

Instant Comfort! Wearing the sandal as my exclusive day time foot wear during a 3 week vacation in counteries around the Mediterranean next month. Expect it to hold up well in wet and dry weather. Plan to wear it in cold weather too using a sports sock. Traction is great on steep walks. As the product ages the color, form and stability of the product continues to remain longer than other sandals I've had.

JK from Seattle

As soon as I got into the sandals I decided these are the ones. I have tried many other sandals from all brands and these the super comfyiest, offer the best traction and best of all water proof. The toe protection is an added bonus.


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