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We will try to address any concerns you will have regarding your questions to our privacy statement which is listed below. Use our contact page for further information.

1.1 We do not use cookies.
1.2 Our Advertisers use cookies.
1.3 The information collected by our advertisers is not accessible by us and is keep to them only. We don't what they collect.

2.1 We do not ask for your personal information, no matter what section of our site you browse.
2.2 The only information we achieve from you is when you contact us using our contact page. In that regard we will keep the information safe and will not be shared with anyone.

3.1 We link to many different stores and sites which offer products similar to or exactly as reviewed on our site.
3.2 Be careful when visiting sites which we have provided external links to. Read their privacy statement first.

3.1 We use analytics program which track your IP, screen resolution and browser version anonymously.
3.2 Such information is for statically purpose only and is not harmful and can't be connected to you in any way.


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